Apr 14, 2010

Search Engine Marketing Sees Growth

Search Engine Marketing (PPC/search/search marketing) is back and growing fast! Who knew that 2009 will be such terrible drag of a year for marketers and for the online ad business specifically. But we were there and survived.

2010 is looking even better for the online world. Just look at the buzz around the social media.... Twitter just launched a new new ad platform (http://online.wsj.com/article_email/SB10001424052702303695604575182233558434518-lMyQjAxMTAwMDEwMzExNDMyWj.html.

Everyone is talking about Facebook and how to use it: not just for big brands but also for smaller firms. So why should the search market be left behind. And of course it is not. Search market is picking up speed and showing signs of revival from 2009- http://www.adotas.com/2010/04/search-rekindles-the-flame/

Per "Efficient Frontier reports search engine marketing jumped 20% year over year in the first quarter of 2010". Retail and Travel segments contributed to the biggest spike. Enjoy the readings.

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